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We occupy nearly 50,000 square feet in a modern industrial park in Murray, Utah.  All raw materials are held in quarantine until they pass microbiological testing and other testing according to cGMP standards. Product samples from multiple locations on the production line are routinely evaluated to ensure a quality product is consistently produced.

3000 Gallon Tank


Contract Manufacturing based on your needs, using one of our 3 mixing tanks (500-gallon, 1,400 gallon and 3,000 gallon).  Flash-pasteurization capabilities for either plate-and-frame or tube-in-tube passage in addition to more traditional “kettle-cook” capabilities.  We have three bottling lines to accommodate various size scale-up runs. Our 28-head high speed filler is coupled with a high-speed capper and can run at 120 bottles per minute. For smaller scale-up runs we have twelve-head and six-head in-line fillers.

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Let us do the heavy lifting and avoid the cost of setting up your own production facility, investing in capital equipment, human resources, patents, employee training, regulations, and so on. With a few steps you can Private Label any of our products to promote your own brand and product identity. Private Label is your branding on our premium formulations.

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Totes - Smaller

We can also mix, pasteurize and fill totes of various sizes for shipment of product to be filled in sample pouches.

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We can fill bottles of all sizes.  Our pinch-filler can fill very small bottles (down to 1.0 fl oz) when needed.

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We have become specialists in providing custom labeling and shrink sleeving for a variety of bottle types and sizes from 10 ml bottles to 5 gallon containers. Whether it’s customer supplied pressure sensitive labels, shrinks or die cuts, our primary focus is the highest level of quality and customer service found in the Food & Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry.

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VM Nutritional offers a broad range of kitting services you can depend on. We pack your products into individual units or larger customized master shipments. Our top notch team of production and quality personnel will ensure your end product meets your specifications and gets to the marketplace without delay. Our Specialized Kitting services include:

  • Cartoning & Palletizing
  • Custom Assembly of Products
  • Tagging and Labeling of Barcodes
  • Shrink-wrapping bottles, neck bands and boxes
  • Serialized Assembly, Lot Control
  • Quality Assurance and Weight Verification
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